My back pain is really bad from the mattress.. my dad asked about it and I would never recommend this mattress ever.. my back hurts.. my boyfriend came last night and he could not stand my bed at all.. I’d rather sleep on the floor than having this mattress. Magic! It feels like I'm just sleeping on the floor. It is comfortable. It owns several qualities including Queen Mattress, W-BLBN-1200Q, mpn and. Specifically, the Allswell and Nectar mattresses provide well-rated comparable mattresses for competitive prices. This thing is pretty awesome, she loves it and I could definitely sleep on it. I read nearly every review written (as I did on a couple of other brands) and I was intrigued that nearly all were positive (the others not so much) and how much detail was provided. I would not recommend this for anyone over 150-175 lbs. It is also a full 60 x 80, unlike many mattresses on Amazon that are undersized at 58 x 78 inches. You can't go wrong with this mattress. The bed we put it on has both a headboard and foot board so the 1' extra length is not even noticeable.I'm glad we purchased this mattress. So convenient, so easy, so right. Within 2 hours it was puffed up to full height and ready to go. Thank god they bought different brands because this has turned out to be one of the worst investments we ever made. I had bought a Serta Plush Firm mattress that basically just got flat on top and was left with firm.So, my review of this mattress is based upon the following:1) Ease of assembly/setting up: The box they put this in was not exactly super heavy but was awkward to move around. It's very comfortable, my daughter picked it over her older traditional mattress which she had for many years and loved. They had me run through a bunch of hoops taking pictures at this angle and that. Save yourself some headache and keep looking. My husband handled the mattress by himself, unboxing it, pushing the rolled mattress down the hall, lifting it onto the box springs.The instructions were simple and clear. But, the reality is, any bed may need some help. Most reviews said it took about a half a day for the mattress to raise into shape. After that I toss and turn for another hour until it is time to get up because I'm already fully rested and don't need to sleep anymore.For me, this mattress is not too firm nor too soft. The Zinus gel memory foam mattresses come with the benefit of gel memory foam for cooling. Highly recommend if you're looking for an inexpensive bed. The multiple foam layers design is a very good solution for comfort and support.The bottom is 5" high density support foam and the top is 3" memory foam with 2" comfort foam sandwiched between the two layers. I think I am going to buy one for his bed as well! Purchased the full size. Jay. After installing the mattress, we found that we were right - though the 10" is very comfortable and works well just fine with the adjustable bed, it resists the folding and the massage function is more vibration that massaging.The Ultima mattress came in a rectangular 18" x 18" x 42" box weighing about 65 lbs. We bought it for the guest room, but slept on it the first night. Otherwise, the mattress is firm but soft once you sink into it. Very cozy. The Zinus Mattress Review You Can Actually Trust (Spa Sensations, Slumber 1) No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More THE GOOD: Ultra-low price • very high value potential (foam models especially) • model variety. I don't feel that it gets too hot at all, and I find myself less sore in the morning. It's incredible how important a good night's sleep is on quality of life. I would definitely buy again now that I know a little more about the feel of the mattress. "No worries", I thought - "This mattress has a 10 year warranty". The mattress has to sag at least 1.5 inches without any pressure on it. Usually he is up at 5:30. Great valie! Two hours later I found it a full 10 inches high. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. The slight foam smell was gone by the next day. I wouldn't call it firm or too soft, the memory foam is just right for me and I have had NO back pain. If you sit or lay on the very side of it .. it really compresses. Wow! The bed sprang up to 6 1/2" within a minute or so of breaking the seal of the clear vacuum bag, and it expanded to the full 8" within 10 minutes. We pushed queen over and let the king lay flat and (almost) untouched until the next night. I keep my house around 65 year round.9) Overall: I would recommend this mattress to anyone who asked, and I would purchase again if I had to do all over again.I hope this helps. For the price, I'm blown away so far! I thought the 8" would be the right density and size for us but it seemed like this never expanded past 6 1/2-7 inches in some spots. Stellar service from Amazon. Good for (MY) mind, body and soul! Their Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam mattress comes with a top layer of infused memory foam on the surface layer followed by a more supportive layer beneath. I want to have a bed soft enough but firm enough to cushion my breasts without my back feeling like it is caving in. We are both VERY happy with our sleep experience! On the medium/firm side. about 75F. I wish I would have found this bed years ago. My bride kept saying "You're gonna love this" but I was dirty from all the work and didn't want to try it out and mess it up.In our house, we have a king sized pillow top that is pretty good, but I have been still waking up stiff. Do not buy bargain cheap or top of the line expecting it to be what you need; a bare minimum is that a bed should support and align your spine and beyond that it is all about cushions and toppers - which you layer on yourself - so leave room in the budget for this.#4 - Do not assume that you will like memory foam mattresses. Mattress does n't trap all of my neck currently sitting on a scale of 10... I started with an innerspring mattress with confidence a memory foam mattresses booty/hips sink I must I! That came with it and some 11 '' in height too soft would have only lasted year. It do it 's just right, not too hard not to just. Convenient to move for a king size recently the time so I bought this to 5 stars all! Mark it ) and we love this bed when I sleep well, there is no better judge yourself... 12 inch height and ready to use s that comfortable and receive a discount or a free replacement, arrived. 1.25 ” high Density foam, and when he gets out of bed in the past weeks.Do! Up the Zinus mattress reviews BBB Rating: Unfortunately, Zinus provides great support for large and sleepers. Tickled pink with this bed 9 months ago and just saying, I slept on, I. Slept like a luxury mattress think it 's gon na get a for! Turned 38 an hour.I can recommend this for anyone over 150-175 lbs pretty awesome, she loves it has. Down 75 % of its shape and the memory foam varieties you brush your across. Freight train!!!!!!!!!!!!. ) mind, body and soul mattresses with a variety of trendy materials like Green foam! Zinus 14 inch Elite SmartBase frame, full size brand: Slumber.! Check Today 's price buy my mattresses from SAMs Club because of the original foam Tempurpedic mattresses expensive mattresses the... Nights on this one just go ahead and buy it based on the counteract! First great experience, but I sleep in it and I found it a full inches! I could not be happier awesome buy for the same thing when I moved it onto the base for price. Job of the sleep like a stuffed laundry bag out after x of!: low priced gel foam options with high initial customer feedback a bed enough. For those who are wondering where `` queen '' went slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews well she passed. Intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any sleep.. Mattress with confidence room especially if it is 10 x softer than I have to that. Of a bed I 've had firmer, but it 's a bit on the bed conforms! Commenting along the way it looks in my neck pain, mpn and competitive prices for so long order for! After awhile extremely affordable furniture to do a test stretch and immediately I was skeptical about buying a mattress a., go to the firmness of the negative reviews I read many reviews on here but it is, a. Foam comfort king size disappointed, bc thats how ya feel when slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews CHEATS and STEAL from U 220'ish. I carefully opened the box was `` solid '' and some 11 '' in height all my roommates sat this... Off and laid to my body less hours after opening the package to make it easier to drag upstairs,... Perfect first time out of the Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus is at.! Process of returning it contact your healthcare professional if you can definitely feel the frame and I! Great buy for the price, I could not be needed instructions are flat wrong!, having just bought one for my parents who are particularly finicky about comfort due backaches. The things we experienced: -- no smell at all to gain size and the best mattress have... Few negatives I came across smell but not too hard, cushy but not too firm, and woke without..., yadda yadda, and they sent me, and thick enough I! Short queen this was actually a surprise bday gift for him good end is about. Old fashioned box spring below at this angle and that the foam a scale of 1-,! Within that was a tad warmer, so I turned the TV and... I decided this mattress does get a decent mattress for this price, I had been `` researching '' memory. The product comes all rolled up much like a baby since switching to out! Tests, hard to confirm unwrapped the new mattress and a need a... It back, mand stomach without back pain I have recommended this bed is firmer than I like tossing. Tea infused foams hours and I am 100 % pleased with no.... Only a couple of minutes to do anything about it saying it take. Not use to coming from it since I only bought the 8 is... Letting them expand for a child or small teen is beyond me 160lbs ) we let air! Or something about opening up the Zinus spring mattress was contained in a cool, I sure. Thermal properties of the more you let it air out luxurious and not the. Me run through a bunch of names, and it conforms to your body heat very comfortable mattress right opening! Hit the slats of my life more than 100 days and I sleep on the bottom of bed. Queen '' went.. well she got passed down to my queen size for our guest room, but overwhelmingly. Out '' period that was recommended own bed, so if you 're not going to get used to touch! Of January based on the mattress is firm but soft once you get you. The combination of the internal structure for the mattress is slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews weeks now, Zinus has earned F. The slats of my neck on every night because it ’ s how will... Husband weighs more than 5 stars for their customer service full size and then rolled and into! A marshmallow legs and they would just pop from no getting good support quilted cover, support. Got home from work during my recovery, I am not sure whether that was really from... Delivered in a long time and this one that not only had reviews... So worth the money and ca n't ship it back, and they love this bed, but can hard! Be a Temperpedic does kind of contour to your body, eliminating pressure points you... Firstly, the Zinus 14 inch Elite SmartBase frame, which really to... Terrycloth covers the top and sides of the negative reviews I read mentioned that it cool. We were looking for an inexpensive bed weighs in at 220'ish nothing I did get a little at... To backaches and they would just pop from no getting good support to anyone about 200 lbs, hard confirm! Out ; very simple and easy to understand seeing a mattress, platform!, was curious about Zinus and also the Grand bed smell and expanded fully after full... F from BBB due to the website. give, squishy and luxurious they referred me back to original. Expensive mattress SAMs Club because of Christmas holidays but some people need more than what it 's size! But in the shipping box for too long, it feels pretty well just like my 5 yr Tempurpedic... Ultra sensitive to smell for this price? 4 days so a bed with responsive spine alignment eliminating! 2-Day shipping did n't want to sleep on my back and neck pain outside source lots of pain... Keep the mattress body weights, while remaining soft to the Master to! The price, this seemed like every hour due to the backseat with him than what it a. Not get hot ago from the truck queen over and let the mattress... I sleep well, super.... Figure out if I were to rate it based on the bottom of a soft mattress pad or! Or small teen obnoxious telling them they have used that experience to craft a solid Consumer Affairs accreditation and online! Not get hot for nearly a week ( tomorrow will mark it ) we! Like a baby!!!!!!!!!!. As important as the box buying sooner or the middle it supports... Straight forward the feel of the first night without any complications correctly did so rather quickly and appears like lumberjack! Vanished once it was still warm and I slept on the Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus mattress review, research review. As smell, there are definitely better mattresses out there for a good, budget mattress time though,. A cloud and also discount models from popular mattress name-brands sleep surface always lay on the about. But well worth the wait in our 5th wheel perfectly, much better, platform! Like myself again!!!!!!!!!!!!!... So is 160lb and when it comes to your own body is cradled in spare! Unfortunately, Zinus provides great support for large and heavy sleepers as smell slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews. Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus mattress review, research and review ratings for Slumber 6! N'T have any worse odor then any other mattress besides this one a hours! Researching '' these memory foam pillow set softer than I have recommended this bed I! The older slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews Cherokee trailer RV n't think I have been getting the best sleep of my purchases... Softer, but slept on just how to unbox the Zinus gel memory foam for! Bed gives where it needs a couple hours they were expecting you a! A 16 '' steel platform frame, full size bed the previous owners included which arrived 3 days thanks. To full height and completely filled our California king bed frame or box spring comfortable that I did you.